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Twenty-Six Miles and Counting: The Kent’s Guide to the 2019 TCS New York City Marathon


Since 1970, New York has been the site of one of the world’s premier marathons, and those fortunate enough to make their home at The Kent are perfectly positioned to get involved in this year’s race. Whether they’re pinning on a race bib, volunteering to help manage the extraordinary event, or just showing up to cheer on the runners, residents of The Kent won’t have to stray far from their Extell Development homes to be a part of the action. Keep reading for The Kent’s guide to the 49th annual TCS New York City Marathon.

For nearly five full decades, the marathon has attracted record numbers of runners from around the world, who flock to the city to compete in what has become the largest marathon on Earth. To this day, only two New York City residents have won the marathon, with the majority of winners coming from foreign nations, including Norway, Kenya, England, and Mexico. The route begins on Staten Island, snakes its way up through Brooklyn and Queens, crosses into Manhattan, loops up to the Bronx, and, finally, comes to a finish in Central Park. In addition to being one of the city’s greatest sporting events, the race also functions as a fundraiser for a variety of good causes, including St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and the Special Olympics New York. This year’s fundraising total is expected to pass $40 million.

Residents of The Kent have only a short walk from their luxury homes to a few popular observation spots for the final leg of the marathon. Runners pass the Mile 18 mark on 96th Street just blocks from The Kent, while the Mile 23 post along Central Park East provides an even more dramatic spectacle, as runners begin to approach the finish line. If spectating isn’t enough, residents are encouraged to join the 12,000 running enthusiasts who volunteer to help facilitate the race in a range of roles, from helping engrave the medals to maintaining sections of the trail.

Of course, the best way to participate in the marathon is to join the throng of runners. And here, residents at The Kent have a leg up on the competition, thanks to the building’s extensive suite of fitness amenities. Get in shape at the private gym, complete with state-of-the-art cardio equipment and lap pool, before rejuvenating in the Finnish saunas or chilling out with a jam session in The Sound Lounge. Best of all, The Kent is located near the final leg of the marathon, making it the perfect home base for runners eager to stretch out and relax (or collapse and recuperate) after a grueling 26 miles.


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