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Pampering Your Furry Friend


Give your dog a day filled with playtime and relaxation. While The Kent embodies the charm and class that are the hallmarks of Upper East Side residences, it’s also conveniently located next to some of the premier doggy hangouts in NYC. Following are a few of our favorites that are sure to satisfy your furry friend.

The Barking Dog

For breakfast, lunch, or dinner, the Barking Dog welcomes both you and your pet to relax together in their outdoor seating area. Fido can drink his fill from the dog fountain while you drink yours from a list of foreign and domestic brews. Complementing the comfort of your canine companion’s company is the equally comforting menu loaded with home-cooked favorites such as Crispy Battered Buttermilk Chicken, Old-Fashioned Yankee Pot Roast, Colorado Shepherd’s Pie, and “Mom’s Loving” Meatloaf.
The Barking Dog’s selection of equally delicious wraps and big salads (catering to the healthiest among us) means that you can, of course, eat light, but then what would you drop under the table to the delight of your four-legged friend? And, while lunch and dinner are perfectly wonderful at the Barking Dog, there’s nothing quite like brunch with your pet, especially when the menu is filled with a wide selection of pancakes, Belgian waffles, and challah French toast that leaves no flavors behind. For your savory pleasure, an equally impressive variety of omelets, frittatas, and the ever-classic steak and eggs deserves a sampling, too.

Dog Room Club

While most Upper East Side establishments find a way to be dog-friendly, there are still going to be times when you can’t bring your canine companion along. For those days, there’s the Dog Room Club. Be it day care or boarding, Dog Room Club offers a friendly staff focused on socialization and comfort. Translation: your dog gets played with and gets to play with other dogs. Dogs that are 16 weeks of age or older and in good health (with updated vaccines and a passing score on a socialization evaluation) are welcome in the pen for play. However, even if your pet is a bit on the (Oh, how shall we say it?) grumpy side, worry not. Dog Room Club offers training and behavior modification for any breed, any size, and any age.
Whether your dog is a snarling socialite or whimpering wallflower, they still deserve the best care and grooming to maintain their health (and yours). Dog Room Club’s grooming spa services provide all that any breed would need to look and feel their best. On their service menu, you’ll find the standard full professional grooming, bathing, nail trimming, and de-matting. And for those breed-specific (or unique-to-your-animal) needs, they also perform ear cleaning, teeth brushing, and other services. For those special days, indulge your buddy with a blueberry facial. If you plan on returning often, become a member to receive a 10% discount for a full grooming.

Carl Schurz Park

One of the Upper East Side’s hidden gems, Carl Schurz Park is considered by some to be the greatest dog park in the city. Two dedicated dog runs (one for large pooches and one for those on the smaller side) provide plenty of room for you and your pet to stretch out, sans leash, for a bit of play. Maintained by the Carl Schurz Park Conservancy, these runs are cleaned on a regular schedule, and the Conservancy does an excellent job of making timely repairs and upgrades.
Access hours, as with many of NYC’s neighborhood parks, follow the sunrise open/sunset close schedule, so there’ll always be plenty of time for a walk. However, do be aware that the runs are closed to the public each Wednesday and Thursday between 12:15 pm and 1:15 pm for use by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA): a fact that only serves to make animal lovers appreciate this place even more. Quite simply, the park is also one of the best destinations for a lovely stroll—along the promenade overlooking the river, past the grounds of Gracie Mansion, or just through its picnic-perfect lawns.


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