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Summer Movie Night at The Kent’s Sound Lounge


Having your own home cinema is one thing. Having access to the Sound Lounge — the multiscreen, multipurpose screening room at The Kent — is quite another. Escape the summer heat by retreating into this state-of-the-art space, where you can view your choice of movies in luxurious surroundings. And that’s just the beginning of what’s possible.

An Epic Movie Night
Fancy watching all the “Back to the Future” films back to back? Gorge on an entire series of Anthony Bourdain in one go? The Sound Lounge is the place to hold your screen-a-thon. It’s furnished with extra-comfy sofas and seating, so you can nestle in and indulge in all the on-screen action. How about cracking open a bottle of malbec? Why not! The Sound Lounge is part of your residence, after all. And if, six hours in, you begin to feel your eyelids droop, treat yourself to a power nap on the spot, before rejoining your marathon viewing mission.

Throw a Dance Party
Most cinemas on the Upper East Side require you to stay put in your seat. Not this one. The Sound Lounge’s furniture is movable — push it aside to create your own dance floor; somewhere to get shamelessly involved with musicals, Bollywood epics, dance and fitness videos, and live shows. From “Mamma Mia!” to headbanging Metallica concerts, crank up the volume and get your groove on. The built-in AV system will not let you down.

Create Your Own Movie Soundtracks
Do you see yourself as the next John Williams or Rachel Portman? The Sound Lounge comes equipped with its own recording studio. (Well, it was envisioned by legendary rock star Lenny Kravitz.) Plug in your Strat or sit at the keys, and give your best-loved films brand-new soundtracks. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll get the call from Spielberg...

Watch the Game
Play the host(ess) with the most(ess) by screening the big game in your own home. Sound and vision are crystal clear, and you can transform the Sound Lounge into a disco during commercial breaks and stretches of dull punditry. The room’s multiple screens could come in handy — just in case someone at the party would rather watch their soap opera than the Yankees.

Throw a Gaming Contest
Fitted with multiple gaming consoles, The Kent’s Sound Lounge makes the ideal venue for hosting a tournament with your friends. Plug into the multiple screens. Set up bowls of chips and dips on the stylish side tables. Fire up Ace Combat 7, Tetris 99, or NBA 2K19. The rest is up to you Just remember: You have work on Monday.


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