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Outdoor Dining on the Upper East Side


NYC's social scene has been through a lot of changes this year, but by following safety protocols, you can now indulge in creative cocktails, decadent lobster dishes, and French haute cuisine, to name just a few, in an outdoor setting that provides a whole new world of options. Here are a few of our favorite establishments close to The Kent that are offering outdoor dining experiences. 

Creative Cocktails at The Penrose
Upper East Siders make a beeline to The Penrose for its easygoing atmosphere and unorthodox cocktails. Stir yourself out of a midweek lull with one of the bar's exotic Penrose Punches or tickle your tongue on the weekend with their infamous Dirty Pickle Martinis. Seating at The Penrose right now is on the sidewalk—meaning you can make the most of the evenings while soaking up the sights and sounds of the city. After a beverage or two, it'd be rude not to order some Bang Bang shrimp and fried pickles, with a salmon burger to follow (hand-cut fries on the side, naturally). We've missed dining out.

A French Frisson at Table d'Hôte
Make like the French and dine en plein air at acclaimed Provencal-style bistro Table d'Hôte. They have outdoor seating beneath a canopy, where you can dine on the likes of country terrine, grilled octopus with fennel salad, duck confit with braised white beans, and roasted salmon with garlic cream. Everything here is excellent; after all, owner Bill Knapp's resume includes stints at Gramercy Tavern, Tom Colicchio's Craft Restaurant, and The Loeb Central Park Boathouse. You'll want to order a bottle of Beaujolais, too, of course; sip slowly while watching the world go by.

Lashings of Lobster at Luke's
You can dive into delicious seafood dishes once again, courtesy of Luke's. The Upper East Side branch is doing deliveries, but seeing as it's just a 15-minute stroll from The Kent's condos, why not stretch your legs and show up in person? A couple of tables and chairs are set up out front. Or you can enjoy your feast in nearby Central Park. The restaurant works directly with fishers to source ultrafresh catch—and it's sustainable too. Expect rolls overspilling with succulent crab; rich bisques and creamy clam chowders; and sides of lobster mac and cheese. Given the quality of seafood on offer, you might as well be in Maine.


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