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DIY Night at The Kent


Since the Upper East Side residences at The Kent are spacious enough to host large gatherings, we’d like to suggest a relaxing and productive evening of wine and crafts. There are a plethora of incredible home design shops in the neighborhood and beyond that will be invaluable in designing and filling your dream home, but it’s always nice to add some personal flair to your space. It’s small and distinctive pieces that often tie everything together. Here are a few of our favorite fun and easy DIY crafts for the home. So, grab a few bottles of your favorite vintage, pick a craft, and call your friends.

Woven Rope Basket
This is a great, simple way to turn a $1 laundry container into a rustic and vibrant basket that is perfect for storing blankets or towels. The tutorial we suggest using comes courtesy of Lydi Out Loud. Like the other selections on this list, there are no serious tools needed, and no experience with craft or construction is required. For each guest, you’ll need a laundry basket, 50 feet of rope, one yard of felt, a hot-glue gun, paints, and a paintbrush. After an hour of wrapping, gluing, and painting, each of your guests will have a unique and practical souvenir to bring home.

Confetti-Dotted Vase
These small vases can add stellar bursts of color to your place, and they’re very simple to create. We love the HGTV tutorial. All you need to get is a small vase or two for each guest, a bunch of opaque glass paint (we’d suggest at least five colors), a few packs of flat-top toothpicks, and some paper plates. Every crafter has the chance to be extra creative with this one. You can choose a pattern, or just let the colors fly.

Yarn-Wrapped Vase
Our third option is essentially a hybrid of the first two. It involves the wrapping technique used to create the rope basket, but scaled down to yarn and a wine bottle/vase. We adore the way these look. We’d recommend giving each crafter at least two bottles to decorate so they can spread their artistic wings and get a bit experimental. The Inside My Hideaway tutorial is a wonderful one to follow. All you need is two or more wine bottles per person, several different colors of yarn, a paintbrush, and some glue.

Clay Planters
I’m sure you’re thinking, “Hmmm, clay planters. But I don’t have a kiln, and I’m not exactly in the market for one.” Well, rest easy, these use air-dry clay and they’re downright adorable. The tutorial at Bluprint gives a great rundown. You’ll need a few more things to make these than you will for the other selections, but it’s not too much. The most important element is the air-dry clay. Besides that, you’ll need a rolling pin, a ruler, paper clips, a clay tool for scoring and mixing, and some sandpaper. There’s no doubt that this project is a bit more technical than the others, but the result is well worth the extra work. These make perfect pots for succulents and small plants, and, if you’re so inclined, they can easily be painted for further customization.


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