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Cooking for the Holidays on the UES


Hosting for the holidays? The Kent's Extell Choice kitchens and well-proportioned great rooms make perfect settings for seasonal entertaining. All you need to do is put up the decorations, and follow these festive recipes, which we've handpicked for special occasions.

A Welcoming Glass of Wine
Usher guests into your condo with a flute of something sparkling. Picking up a fine bottle of fizz is easy when you're less than a five-minute walk from Vinyl Wine — a voguish boutique specializing in natural wines. Select an Italian frizzante or a New York blaufränkisch, and keep it perfectly chilled in your Sub-Zero wine storage system until the moment comes to pop the cork and commence the festivities.

Chicken With Cauliflower and Leeks in Red Wine Sauce
Once everyone's had the chance to swap season's greetings, sit your guests around the dining table — with wintry views of the Upper East Side seen through the floor-to-ceiling windows as a backdrop. The main event of this joyous feast is a twist on the French classic coq au vin. Succulent chicken, savory leeks, and tender cauliflower florets are spiced up with the addition of cloves and a splash of Côtes du Rhône. As for the rest of that wine, pour it into your finest glasses (stored in your elegant kitchen cabinets with metal-mesh-accented glass doors), and keep the festive feelings flowing.

Celery Root, Carrot, and Potato Gratin
You'll need a showstopping side to accompany the chicken, and we think we've found it in this celery root, carrot, and potato gratin. Like the main dish, it's surprisingly simple to make: Cut up the root vegetable, top with gruyère, cream, and bread crumbs — then leave it to go all bubbly and golden in your Miele oven. It's an unctuous alternative to the usual roasted potatoes or sweet potato mash. Even Scrooge would go for seconds.

Giant Chocolate Cookie with Cacao Nibs and Flaky Salt
Belts will be loosened and couches will be crashed upon after all that glorious fare. Serve brandy and throw on some holiday tunes while the sun dips beneath the horizon and the Upper East Side twinkles all around you. When people are ready, slide one of these giant chocolate cookies into the oven, and be ready for gasps of delight as you present this chocolate-oozing, salt-sprinkled pièce de résistance. For maximum effect, serve with ginger ice cream, and festoon with a sprig of holly.


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