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A Central Park Winter


Winter is undoubtedly a magical time of year in New York City. Snowfall lightly dusts the quiet streets as New Yorkers cozy up in restaurants, bars, and cafes. And those lucky enough to call The Kent on 95th Street home can gather with friends and family for a soul-warming meal in their well-appointed kitchen. Or, they can spend a lazy snow day in the great room, gazing through the floor-to-ceiling windows at snowflakes gently falling.

But even though The Kent condos have everything you could want to keep you occupied until springtime, you should still consider heading out to explore the city's wintry outdoor activities. And with Central Park just a few blocks away, there's no better place to live than the luxe Upper East Side residences at The Kent if you are seeking some cold-weather outdoor adventure. Put on your cozy boots and zip up your Moncler parka. It's time to explore the winter wonders of NYC.

When Central Park is covered in snow, it becomes less of an urban oasis and more of an enchanted realm. Transport yourself to this magical place with a brisk walk to the Arthur Ross Pinetum, where you’ll be surrounded by 17 species of evergreens in this four-acre arboretum. Here’s your chance to enjoy some pure wintertime fun: Make a snowman under the pines or have an impromptu snowball fight in this woodsy enclave of the park.

For some real fairytale aesthetic, make your way a little further south and take in the stunning views of Belvedere Castle. Beautiful year-round, the castle takes on a particular character during the winter that will have you wondering if you're in NYC or some European mountain idyll.

For those who prefer getting the heart pumping in cold weather instead of warming up with hot cocoa and a nice walk, Central Park offers a surprising variety of options for winter sports. After a snowfall, strap on the skis — yes, skis — and hit Sheep Meadow, where cross-country skiers gather to glide. If there is enough snow, the Bridle Path is a terrific way to get around nearly all of the park.

Or channel your inner Olympian and lace up a pair of skates at Lasker Rink. This pristine, beautifully maintained ice skating rink in the heart of Central Park is popular with skaters of all ages and skill levels. Whether you're practicing your axels and toe jumps or just clutching the wall trying not to fall, ice skating while a snowy Central Park surrounds you is always a treat. The rink even has certain days and hours for hockey players to try out their stick-and-puck technique.

And, of course, winter wouldn't be winter in New York City without children (and young-at-heart adults) bringing out their sleds and toboggans and racing down Pilgrim Hill in Central Park.

Even though you're in the heart of a massive international city, there's still plenty of outdoor fun to be had. Just remember: Bundle up! And, after you're finished with your outdoor activities, take a long, hot soak in your spa-like bathroom at The Kent.


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